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  Many of the important facets of operating an internet business are covered in the videos:

  • Basics of internet marketing: We explain how and where to find business willing to pay you to help them promote their products or services. The different compensations plans used by the majority of online companies (commissions, cost per action, cost per sale).
  • We have general videos about the mindset you need to have when trying to begin with an internet business. We talk about the obstacles you might come across and how you should view them.
  • We have basic videos covering easy ways to give your links exposure and start earning CPA money. Starting small can also help you understand the principles of how it works. Being able to generate your first revenue quickly is also a great way to feel motivated to take the business to the next level.
  • We also offer our members access to an online tools section in order to help members get traffic to their link as quickly as possible by learning the important steps and methods used.

    The basics of an internet business:

    • This is the part of the course where we cover most of the questions and answers that people who are new might have in mind. We talk about the fundamentals of an online business, business ideas, cost per action marketing, continuity membership, creating digital products, information products, product launches, and more…

    How to research profitable markets online:

    • How to gather information about profitable markets using different tricks and tools available online.

    How to plan an online marketing campaign:

    • How to research and decide what to do with your search engine marketing efforts and have the highest chances of targeting the right audience.
    • How to manage and scale up search engine marketing campaigns.

    We also cover more advanced techniques and common practices of a successful eBusiness owner/Internet marketer:

    • Different models of internet marketing sites.
    • Creating your own products and where to find affiliates to promote them.
    • How to register domain names, setup web hosting and create your first website/blog.
    • How to plan your website structure.
    • How to setup and use auto responders to monetize your visitors in the long run.
    • Payment solutions

    Marketing and traffic generation techniques. We have several videos showing member's how to generate traffic to their online business using:

    • Social Media
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Article Marketing
    • Search engine optimization
    • Pay per click
    • Video marketing
    • Media buying

And much much more!! Plus we're adding new content all the time….

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